PT. Aneka Cipta Engineering is an exclusive agent for Doosan gas engines in Indonesia and we specialized in Sales & Maintenance Gas & Diesel Generating Sets. We are authorized – sales – service – parts – panel AMF – instalation generator set.

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Genset Silent Type

Genset Silent type is created to fulfill the needs of generator set (Genset) which is easy to use. Genset Silent Type has canopy shaped square that is made from a iron plat with thickness 2.3mm – 2.8mm and coated with fire resistant foam absorbers. This layer is good to reduce the noice that is produced by genset.

Genset Open Type

Genset open type usually used at open area or outdoor, Genset Open type has advantages in maintenance because the condition that is open without box/canopy. The easiness of this type is in the apart pairs.

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Doosan Automotive
Doosan Industrial
Doosan Gen-Set & Power Unit
Doosan Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary
Doosan Natural Gas